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Overcome Challenges of Manpower & Labour Supply and Recruitment with Sherman Global Management Consultants Partner with us for Manpower Supply in Bahrain and get seamless recruitment of needed workforce even at the 11th hour. Whether you want Labour Supply in Bahrain on Permanent & Temporary Recruitment, Contractual Based, Graduate Employees Programs, Global Internship Programs, or Single/Multiple Projects, we are your go-to Manpower Supply Company in Bahrain.

Our highly experienced and professionally certified Recruitment Specialists comprehend Manpower & Labour requirements and provide tailored Workforce Solutions for Bahrain Companies. We efficiently cater to 50+ sectors by delivering the needed Manpower in Bahrain. We are a well-established Recruitment Agency providing Indian, Pakistani, Nepali, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, and Philippines workers in Bahrain, UAE, the Middle East, and GCC countries.

As one of the leading Manpower Supplier Companies in Bahrain, all the services & solutions that we provide comply with Bahrain Labour Laws & HR Regulations. We maintain transparency in dealings and communication to build long-term business relations. We offer both local and International recruitment services in Bahrain, making us your one-stop destination.

As one of the most trustworthy Offshore Recruitment Agencies in Bahrain, we take care of the Offshore Recruitment needs of our clients by helping them recruit a highly talented workforce at a highly competitive pricing to ensure your operations are working 24/7, resulting in business expansion & maximum ROI. Get your Manpower & Labour Supply needs fulfilled by choosing us as your Recruitment Consultancy in Bahrain.

Industries & Sectors that we Offer Manpower & Labour Supply

As one of the Top Recruitment Companies in Bahrain, we offer Manpower Supply Services in Bahrain to 50+ sectors to ensure we are able to fulfill almost every organization & business requirement. Our team of Recruitment Specialists has immense experience and expertise to meet several companies' needs within the dedicated timeframe. We provide skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled, and blue-collar Manpower Supply in Bahrain to the following Industries and Sectors:

  • Doctors, Healthcare Professionals
  • Engineers, Technicians
  • CA, ICWA, and Law Firms
  • Retail Sales, eCommerce, Accounts, Technical Specialists, Sales Staff
  • Teachers, Admin & Secretarial staff, Hotel & Catering staff
  • Clerical employees and Security Guards
  • HR & Business Support
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Real Estate and Telecommunications
  • Aviation, Marine, and Power & Utilities
  • Banking, Investment, Financial Services, and Capital Markets
  • Automotive – Sales, Service, Management, Back-end, and Customer Support
  • Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Staff
  • Professional Cleaners & Helpers Staff
Apart from the industries and sectors mentioned above, we provide Manpower Services in Bahrain to high-end businesses and fields involved in Engineering, Construction, Rail, and Offshore Projects. We also serve to Oil, Gas, and Mining sectors, Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, and Pipelines by supplying them with a highly experienced workforce.

Whether you want Permanent recruitment, project basis, or contractual-based, we offer Engineers, Supervisors, IT Specialists, Operations & Maintenance personnel, Supply Chain & Logistics, and more to help you accomplish your Organizational goals & objectives, becoming your one-stop Manpower Supplier Company in Bahrain.

Our Field of Specialization

As one of the best Labour Supply Companies in Bahrain, we specialize in numerous aspects of Manpower Supply & Recruitment Services from the first stage to staying connected post-placement to enrich your Organizational Development & HR Management with our Business Advisory Services. The following are our Fields of Specialization:

  • Employee Training
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Manpower & Succession Planning
  • HR Budgeting & Payroll Management
  • Recruitment & Retention Strategies
  • Project Talent Mapping
  • HR Development & Future Growth Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Performance Management and Development
  • Employee-Focused functions
  • Resumes Screening & Testing, Conducting Interviews, and Shortlisting Potential Candidates
  • Visa Processing, Medical Examination, and Immigration Clearance of Recruited Candidates relocating from Foreign Countries
As one of the most reliable Executive Search Firms in Bahrain, we provide Executive & Headhunting Services in Bahrain, which also include hiring Directors, C-Level Executives, and Senior & Top Managerial Job Positions.


1. What are the Benefits of Manpower Supply Company?
Manpower Supply Companies are a boon to organizations & businesses worldwide by supplying them with needed Labour & Workforce, be it at the 11th hour or Staffing of Mass Recruitment in Bahrain and foreign countries. The following are the benefits of Manpower Supply Company:

  • You can achieve Business Expansion by taking your Business to the International Level, as Local Based Manpower Supply Companies will help you recruit the needed workforce in the new country.
  •  You can save significant costs by setting up your Business in a Foreign Country where you will be paying lesser salaries to employees for the same skillsets and experience compared to your country.
  •  Your business operations hours will widen as your Business will function in different time zones by setting up Business & hiring employees in a foreign country, leading to enhanced productivity.
  •  You can hire Manpower & Labour Supply for various hiring needs, such as Permanent or Temporary Recruitment, Contractual Based, and Single or Multiple Projects Basis.
  •  You don't have to pay for training, coaching, mentoring, counseling, and development for the recruited employees, as Manpower Supply Consultancy will take care of all aspects, including their Payroll Management.

If you are searching for Manpower Consultancy in Bahrain, Sherman Global Management Consultants is your go-to destination. We are one of the Top Manpower Supply Companies in Bahrain, providing Talent Acquisition Services in Bahrain to 50+ sectors, fulfilling several needs of Businesses & Organizations. Contact us for a Quotation.

2. What are the Steps Involved in Manpower Planning?
Manpower Planning is critical for all organizations and businesses to accomplish long-term goals & objectives and expand their business in the future. It is crucial to look after your employees and plan for their development. There are several aspects of Manpower Planning. However, we recommend the following salient ones:

  • Making an accurate or close to precision forecasting of future Manpower requirements by considering the Economic Environment trends in the country you are operating in and approximate estimation involving the company's plans.
  • Formulating an inventory report of existing Human Resources in your company and determining whether they are being employed efficiently and optimally to their extent for yielding the best output from each one of them
  • Anticipation of Manpower Problems by projecting existing ones into the future to compare them with the forecasted requirements & needs. And form an analysis report to check their qualitative and quantitative sufficiency.
  • And Lastly, we recommend planning essential aspects, such as forecast (future) requirements, recruitment, training, coaching & mentoring, learning & development, and transfer & promotion of current employees for a smooth transition.

If you are searching for a Recruitment Agency in Bahrain, Sherman Global Management Consultants is your one-stop provider. We are one of the leading Manpower Companies in Bahrain, providing Manpower Planning as part of our Recruitment Services to ensure our clients efficiently and constructively grow their business with us. Contact us for a Quotation.