Global Internship Programs

Design, Develop, and Conduct attractive & highly engaging Global Internship Programs.

At Sherman Global Management Consultants, we offer Global Internship Programs services, where we design, develop, and conduct Internship Programs for Organizations of multiple sectors. We help you set up Global Internship Programs in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Nepal. 
You can intend to construct International Internship Programs for a one-off project on Contractual Based, Employees Programs, Shut Down Projects, or you can recruit top-performing and competent individuals from Internship Programs by offering them Permanent Recruitment.
As a Leading Business Management Consultancy, we provide extensive services to businesses related to Employee Training, Manpower Planning, HR Budgeting, Recruitment & Retention Strategies, Succession Planning, Performance Management and Development, Coaching & Mentoring, and Employee-Focused functions.
Partner with us and get your Global Internship Programs designed & developed by our highly qualified and professionally certified Business Management Consultants.

Sectors that we Serve

As a renowned Business Management Services Provider, we offer our Global Internship Programs to several sectors in the Middle East, Nepal, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. We provide Internship Programs for Engineering and Construction Projects, including Oil & Gas, to recruit workers for a one-off project and provide comprehensive training, coaching, and mentoring to help you get the best out of them. 
We also cater to the following sectors to fulfill their various recruitment types' requirements & needs:

  • Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, and Pipelines
  • Doctors, Healthcare professionals, Engineers, CA, ICWA, Business Heads
  • Retail Sales, Accounts, Technical Specialists, Sales Staff
  • Teachers, Admin staff, Hotel & Catering staff, and Clerical employees
Whether you want to recruit full-time employees from Internship Programs or accomplish short-term project goals & objectives, SGMC is your one-stop destination. We aim to create value for your business with our Global Internship Programs.

Why Choose Us?

As a prominent Business Management & Organizational Development Consultancy, we have created value for 100s of clients in multiple countries by devising highly effective, engaging, and beneficial Global Internship Programs for them. The following are the reasons for choosing us for the formulation & development of Internship Programs:

  1. We have one of the top Business Management Consultants who utilize their immense experience, knowledge, and expertise in designing & developing the Global Internship Program by comprehending work positions, skillset requirements, and pay structure according to the local market labour laws.
  2. Our Talent Scouting team approaches highly skilled workers & employees who meet clients' requirements & needs for the specific work role. We thoroughly screen, test, and analyze resumes & job profiles to shortlist qualified individuals to perform dedicated tasks and ready to relocate immediately.
  3. We have tie-ups with the local authorities and a strong network of contacts in the Middle East, Nepal, the Philippines, and Bangladesh, which we use to migrate the selected workers by taking care of their visa process, accommodation, and training & development for a smooth migration.
  4. We offer Internship Programs development and recruitment for local workers & overseas recruitment. We deliver the required human resources within the dedicated timeframe by placing them at the needed center/site and thoroughly training them to help you yield the desired output.
  5. With SGMC, you can stay worry-free as we will take care of your recruited interns' training, learning & development, coaching & mentoring to ensure they can perform the assigned tasks proficiently and familiarize them with local laws, rules, and regulations.
  6. With our Global Internship Programs, you can monitor, measure, and evaluate interns' performance daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure they perform as intended. And you can plan to give the promising ones full-time recruitment in your Organization to get maximum ROI from them.
  7. Our consultants will help you formulate a growth plan for the top-performing employees & individuals with tremendous potential and skill sets. It enables you to expand your business and leap into the future by developing future leaders & managers to achieve long-term Organizational goals.