Overseas Recruitment

Partner with UAE's highly Reliable Overseas Recruitment Company to fulfill various Hiring needs at Global Level.

If you are running a business and looking to hire skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled, and blue-collar workers, Sherman Global Management Consultants is your go-to Overseas Recruitment Company. We provide comprehensive Overseas Recruitment Services in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Nepal. 
As one of the leading Manpower Recruitment Agencies in UAE, we help our clients to seamlessly adapt to new locations and set up their businesses by selecting the ideal candidates for their new business. And for existing ones, we recruit highly qualified and skilled candidates passionate about driving your organization to newer heights with their efforts.
As a highly reliable International Recruitment Company, we also help our clients discover golden organizational growth opportunities in the Middle East by utilizing our robust network of contacts. 
As a reputable Overseas Recruitment in UAE, we offer services to meet your various hiring types, such as Permanent & Temporary Recruitment, Contractual Based, Graduate Employees Programs, and Shut Down Projects.
We also offer Overseas Manpower Recruitment Services related to Employee Training, Manpower Planning, HR Budgeting, Recruitment & Retention Strategies, Succession Planning, Performance Management and Development, Coaching & Mentoring, and Employee-Focused functions.
As a fast-growing Overseas Recruitment Agency, we do Senior and Management Level Recruitment for various sectors and provide International Recruitment Services for the following:

  • Doctors, Healthcare professionals, Engineers, CA, ICWA, and Business Heads
  • Retail Sales, Accounts, Technical Specialists, and Sales Staff
  • Teachers, Admin staff, Hotel & Catering staff, and Clerical employees
As one of the Top Recruitment Companies in UAE, we assist with Employee Training, Manpower Planning, HR Budgeting, Recruitment & Retention Strategies, Performance Management and Development, Coaching & Mentoring, Succession Planning, and Employee-Focused functions.
Stay worry-free about hiring and business setup in the Middle East by choosing us for Overseas Manpower Recruitment.

Why Choose Us?

By selecting us as your Recruitment Company in UAE, you will avail several benefits and advantages which will yield your organization's revenue, goals accomplishment, earning goodwill, and more. The following are the salient reasons why you should choose us:

Local Knowledge

As a well-established Overseas Recruitment Company in UAE, we have tie-ups with local authorities and strong network contacts in UAE and the Middle East. We are well aware of the local market demands and requirements, local laws, rules, and regulations, and trending locations to set up different types of business. 
Being one of the prominent International Recruitment Agencies, we have extensive experience in providing comprehensive Manpower Recruitment Services for Engineering and Construction projects, including the Oil & Gas sectors as in Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, and Pipelines, by supplying highly Professional Labour such as Engineers, Supervisors, Information Technology Specialists, Operations & Maintenance personnel, logistics, and more.
We will help you set up a new business and relocate or expand the current one with comprehensive Manpower Recruitment and Business Consulting Management Services.

Staying Compliant with Local Rules

As one of the best Recruitment Companies in UAE, we help our clients in UAE and the Middle East to stay compliant with local rules and regulations. We ensure their business adheres to local policies and laws regarding human resources, labor regulations, employment, and other necessary ones.
Each region in the Middle East has different employment laws and regulations. And as a reputable Recruitment Agency, we keep your shortlisted candidates and existing ones updated and well-versed with local laws, regulations, and policies to ensure they abide by them and stay on the right side of the law. 
By being compliant with local rules, you can complete your Engineering and Construction Projects involving Oil & Gas and others within the dedicated timeframe and in a legitimate manner.

Experience with Mass Recruitment

As one of the illustrious Overseas Recruitment Companies, we are highly experienced and capable of taking on Mass Recruitment projects where an organization is looking to hire large numbers of employees or workers with a specified skillset from multiple countries. 
Our Overseas Recruitment enables you to rapidly locate the ideal candidates from other countries who are seeking jobs and are open to relocating on an immediate basis, occupied with the right expertise you are searching for. 
Being one of the most dependable Recruitment Agencies, we handle the visa organizing process, accommodation, training & development, and smoothly immigrating significant shortlisted (recruited) workers from foreign places to the country where you want them to be placed.
Keep your business operations intact by choosing us as your Recruitment Company, and get the required candidates hired within the dedicated timeframe.