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Take your Organization's Workforce Skillset to the next level with our Manpower Services in Oman.

Give your Organization highly talented and proficient staffing by choosing Sherman Global Management Consultants as your Recruitment Agency in Oman. We provide comprehensive Recruitment Solutions and Manpower Supply to 50+ sectors across Oman. Our Manpower Staffing Solutions in Oman fully comply with Oman Labour Laws & HR Regulations.

As a renowned Manpower Supplier in Oman, we aim to deliver value creation Manpower & Labour Supply in Oman that will help clients meet their Organizational goals & objectives, thereby maximizing ROI. We provide Manpower Recruitment from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines to Oman, UAE, the Middle East, and GCC countries.

We are one of the Top Labour Supply Companies in Oman, with a colossal pool of job seekers to provide Local & International Recruitment Services in Oman. And it allows us to fulfill numerous sectors hiring types needs, such as Permanent & Temporary Recruitment, Contractual Based, Graduate Employees Programs, Global Internship Programs, and Single or Multiple Projects.

Whether you want Manpower in Oman for a one-off project at the 11th hour or want Staffing for Mass Recruitment, we are your go-to Manpower Supplier Company in Oman.

Sectors to Whom We Provide Manpower & Labour Supply

As one of the leading Manpower Supplier Companies in Oman, we provide Recruitment Services and Manpower Supply in Oman to 50+ Sectors. We aim to fulfill the Labour requirements of as many sectors as possible in Oman to ensure they become their go-to Manpower Consultancy in Oman. Whether you need a skilled, unskilled, semi-skilled, or blue-collar workforce, we will assist you with everything you are looking for with our Talent Acquisition Services in Qatar. The following are our catering sectors:

  • Doctors, Healthcare Professionals
  • Engineers, Technicians
  • CA, ICWA, and Law Firms
  • Retail Sales, eCommerce, Accounts, Technical Specialists, Sales Staff
  • Teachers, Admin & Secretarial staff, Hotel & Catering staff
  • Clerical employees and Security Guards
  • HR & Business Support
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Real Estate and Telecommunications
  • Aviation, Marine, and Power & Utilities
  • Banking, Investment, Financial Services, and Capital Markets
  • Automotive – Sales, Service, Management, Back-end, and Customer Support
  • Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Staff
  • Professional Cleaners & Helpers Staff
Apart from the sectors mentioned above, we provide Manpower Recruitment in Oman to top-end industries as well, such as Engineering, Construction, and Offshore Projects. We also cater to Oil & Gas sectors, Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, and Pipelines. We supply them with highly experienced & competent Manpower & Labour Supply for one or multiple projects, Contractual Based, and Permanent Recruitment.

As one of the most trustworthy Manpower Companies in Oman, we provide them with Engineers, Supervisors, IT Specialists, Operations & Maintenance personnel, Supply Chain & Logistics, and more. Sherman Global Management Consultants plays a pivotal role by helping them attain their short & long-term goals and objectives with our Manpower Supply Services in Oman.

Our Field of Expertise

As one of the best Manpower Recruitment Agencies in Oman, we specialize in a broad range of services. We utilize our extensive experience and expertise to serve our clients' Business Advisory Services in Qatar to become their one-stop destination for all Recruitment, HR, and Organizational Development Needs. The following are our Fields of Expertise:

  • Employee Training
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Manpower & Succession Planning
  • HR Budgeting & Payroll Management
  • Recruitment & Retention Strategies
  • Executive Search and Head Hunting
  • HR Development & Future Growth Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Performance Management and Development
  • Employee-Focused functions
  • Resumes Screening & Testing, Conducting Interviews, and Shortlisting Potential Candidates
  • Visa Processing, Medical Examination, and Immigration Clearance of Recruited Candidates relocating from Foreign Countries
Partner with us and achieve Scalability by banking on our Expertise Fields. As a highly reliable Man Power Consultancy in Oman, we take care of designing & developing part of Job Designation Descriptions, Eligibility Criteria, Roles, Responsibilities, and other crucial information to provide clarity to applicants about the Job Position they are applying for. By taking care of HR Daily Tasks, Organizational Development, Employee Training, and above mentioned areas, we free your time to focus on other activities.

As one of the most prominent Executive Search Firms in Oman, we provide Recruiting services & solutions related to Head Hunting, Directors, Executive Levels, and Managerial Job Positions. We employ state-of-the-art technology, tools, techniques, and methods to screen, test, and evaluate profiles & resumes to funnel down promising candidates for high-end Job Positions as part of our Headhunting Services in Oman.


1. What are the Benefits of Offshore Recruitment?
Offshore Recruitment is trending phenomenally worldwide. It can be done locally through an Offshore Recruitment Company in Oman or Globally through a third-party or on-site office. It involves hiring workers from foreign countries to pay them less (as per their currency) compared to locally employed workers.

The Offshore Recruitment Consultancy connects businesses with a skilled workforce in Offshore countries and yields them the following benefits:

  • Increased Employees Retention Rate due to direct control of Offshore employees
  • Reduction in Hiring Costs because Offshore Agencies charge less compared to Host Country
  • Achieve Scalability, as there is no requirement to deploy office space, technologies, tools, and staff
  • Gain Valuable Insights into the Local Market for expanding business & diversifying the workforce
  • 24-hour operation as Offshore employees will be based in different time zones, enhancing productivity

At SGMC, we provide Offshore Recruitment Services to 50+ sectors. As one of the leading Offshore Recruitment Agencies in Oman, we help you hire highly talented Manpower in Overseas countries at cost-effective pricing to assist you in filling vacancies. Contact us for a Quotation.

2. Do you provide Overseas Recruitment Services in Oman?
Sherman Global Management Consultants is one of the top Overseas Recruitment Companies in Oman, providing comprehensive Overseas Recruitment Services in Oman. We have a massive job portal and profiles of job seekers and applicants from foreign countries.

As one of the leading Recruitment Companies in Oman, we help you meet your Labour Supply and Mass Recruitment needs by thoroughly screening, testing, and evaluating qualified candidates matching your vacant job designations. We take care of all factors from visa processing to accommodation to workplace transportation, educating about local laws, places, & culture for their effortless migration & stay in Oman.

Choose us as your International Recruitment Company in Oman, and recruit competent workers from overseas. Contact us for a Quotation.