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One-Stop Destination for all your Recruitment Solutions & Manpower Supply in Qatar.

At Sherman Global Management Consultants, we provide one of the largest Manpower Supply in Qatar, including top projects and organizations in the capital city, Doha. As one of the leading Manpower Supply Companies in Qatar, we comprehend our client's requirements and provide them with the needed workforce for their different hiring needs, such as Permanent & Temporary Recruitment, Contractual Based, Graduate Employees Programs, Global Internship Programs, and Single or Multiple Projects.

We offer Manpower Services in Qatar to 50+ sectors, which are 100% compliant with Qatar Labour Laws & HR Regulations. Whether you want Labour Supply in Qatar at the 11th hour or Mass International Recruitment Services in Qatar, our highly qualified and professionally certified will help you meet your requirement within the dedicated timeframe by formulating Bespoke Manpower Staffing Solutions in Qatar.

We are a well-established Recruitment Agency providing Indian, Pakistani, Nepali, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, and Philippines workers in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, Middle East, and GCC countries.

As one of the prominent Recruitment Agencies in Qatar, we employ cutting-edge technology, tools, and methods to deliver premier quality output to our clients. Our Recruitment Consultants in Saudi Arabia thoroughly screen, test, and evaluate profiles and resumes to shortlist those matching the job position prerequisites. 

As a highly dependable Recruitment Consultancy in Qatar, we will also assist you in designing & developing of Job Position Description, Roles, Responsibilities, and Eligibility Criteria to ensure a seamless Hiring Process and help you attain scalability. Choose us as your Recruitment Agency in Qatar and get Manpower & Labour Supply delivered to the desired location in Qatar on time.

Sectors that we Cater to

As one of the renowned Labour Supply Companies in Qatar, we provide Manpower Supply Services in Qatar to 50+ sectors to ensure that almost all sectors in the Country are able to fulfill their recruitment and Manpower supply requirements through SGMC.

We do International Recruitment in Qatar for clients, wherein our Talent Scouting Team finds highly proficient workers from foreign countries to fill your company vacancies with the premier quality workforce. As a highly reliable Man Power Consultancy in Qatar, we provide skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled, and blue-collar human resources for the following sectors:

  • Doctors, Healthcare Professionals
  • Engineers, Technicians
  • CA, ICWA, and Law Firms
  • Retail Sales, eCommerce, Accounts, Technical Specialists, Sales Staff
  • Teachers, Admin & Secretarial staff, Hotel & Catering staff
  • Clerical employees and Security Guards
  • HR & Business Support
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Real Estate and Telecommunications
  • Aviation, Marine, and Power & Utilities
  • Banking, Investment, Financial Services, and Capital Markets
  • Automotive – Sales, Service, Management, Back-end, and Customer Support
  • Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Staff
  • Professional Cleaners & Helpers Staff
We provide Manpower in Qatar to the sectors mentioned above and also to top-end projects and industries, including Engineering, Construction, Offshore Projects, Oil & Gas sectors, Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, and Pipelines.

We supply them with needed Manpower & Labours as part of our Talent Acquisition Services who are highly knowledgable and experienced, such as Supervisors, Engineers, Operations & Maintenance Personnel, IT Specialists, Supply & Chain Logistics, and more.

As an illustrious Manpower Consultancy in Qatar, we aim to supply a high-quality workforce to high-end industries & their projects by being a valuable helping hand in accomplishing Organizational goals & objectives.

Our Areas of Specialization

Sherman Global Management Consultants is one of the most trustworthy Recruitment Companies in Qatar, specializing in a vast range of Business Advisory Services to ensure our clients get all the required solutions under one consolidated roof. The following are our areas of specialization:

  • Employee Training
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Manpower & Succession Planning
  • HR Budgeting & Payroll Management
  • Recruitment & Retention Strategies
  • HR Development & Future Growth Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Performance Management and Development
  • Employee-Focused functions
  • Resumes Screening & Testing, Conducting Interviews, and Shortlisting Potential Candidates
  • Visa Processing, Medical Examination, and Immigration Clearance of Recruited Candidates relocating from Foreign Countries
As one of the Top Executive Search Firms in Qatar, we provide recruiting services related to Executive Levels, Head Hunting, Directors, and Senior & Managerial Job Positions. Our highly experienced & adept Staffing Consultants in Saudi Arabia have expertise in serving Organizations with outstanding quality high-end Workforce and Headhunting Services in Qatar.

We are one of the best Manpower Recruitment Agencies in Qatar, with an enormous pool of job seekers in the Middle East and Overseas to meet numerous Manpower & Labour Supply needs of clients, be it at the 11th hour for one-off projects or Mass Recruitment for Telecommunications and BPOs to fulfill their Staffing requirements.

By partnering with us as your Labour Supply Company in Qatar, you will avail tremendous benefits & highly lucrative ROI on hiring & placement, and with our Specialization Areas mentioned above, to take your Organization to newer heights.


1. What is Succession Planning?
  • Succession Planning is a highly used business strategy by organizations worldwide to transfer leadership roles & responsibilities to one-level down employees. It is a process of developing future leaders & managers by enhancing employees' skills and instilling leadership qualities for a smooth transition.
  • Succession Planning ensures that business operations stay intact after resigning or firing of existing employees from job designation. It helps to diversify the workforce and plan for the company's long-term vision.
  • SGMC is one of the leading Manpower Supplier Companies in Qatar, specializing in Succession Planning. We offer it as part of our Recruitment Services to 50+ sectors in Qatar to ensure a seamless transition and keep the business operations running efficiently.
2. What is International Recruitment?
  • International Recruitment is a widely used Recruitment Strategy by organizations across the globe. It involves identifying, screening, testing, evaluating, and shortlisting highly talented and competent candidates from overseas. After that, interview them to test their skill set to ensure they are perfect for the job roles and hire them. It is an excellent way to onboard proficient employees from across the globe.
  • At SGMC, we provide Overseas Recruitment Services in Qatar. Our Talent Scouting team discovers brilliant individuals from foreign countries.
As one of the most trustworthy International Recruitment Agencies in Qatar, we take care of all aspects, from screening to shortlisting to interview to visa processing, accommodation, and workplace transportation to ensure seamless hiring, onboarding, and migration process. You can stay worry-free by choosing us as your Overseas Recruitment Company in Qatar. Contact us for a quotation.